Thursday, August 22, 2013

Long time no post!

Hey Jammers, I'm on my ipad so I might make some spelling errors.. Anyways, sorry I haven't posted forever! I'm having school soon and my birthday just passed. Just a small thank you to..

Betaseal! Now I have a blue mech helmet and freedom wings thanks to you :) This is all I have time for... Bye guys!

Monday, August 12, 2013

Cool Hair + Birthday Party!

Hey Jammers, today's new item as predicted in the adventures is the Rare Cool Hair!
Today is also my birthday party day! ^.^ The party starts at 2:30 EST in my den. I just unlocked it for you all, it wouldn't be so great if I forgot to unlock it o.o
I'll be handing out gifts at the end, just probably small store items. If you don't like yours, feel free to recycle it for gems.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Police Hats

Hey Jammers, today's returning item is the Police Hat in all its original colors. ^.^
There's also a glitch in the profile of a fox wearing a short spiked collar, one of the spikes cuts through the fox. Ouch!

Lastly, just a reminder for those who didn't see the post a few days back, tomorrow is my birthday party on AJ! Here is the invitation with details. I have the party planned out, don't worry ^3^

That's all for this update, bye Jammie-Jam-Jams ^-^
Today's featured Jammer is Sydney24. She's an awesome friend and is great to hang out with!

Saturday, August 10, 2013

My Artwork Got In Jammer Central!

Hey guys, just an exciting notice.. I got my art in Jammer Central! :D
I opened the plaque though :P Here's how its icon appears in my den! It looks like a golden paintbrush and golden palette (did I spell that correctly?)

Lastly, the exact artwork that was chosen by Animal Jam HQ themselves!

That's all, I couldn't find the update so I posted about this :P Bye!
Today's featured jammer is Bluestar196! She's a great friend to hang out with, and will always be! :)

Friday, August 9, 2013

Animal Jam Diamond Gift Cards?

Hey Jammers, I was looking through the AJ Gift Cards section and noticed a picture of gift cards specially for diamonds!
Hmm, I also noticed some new retailers the Diamond Card may be available at!

(Highlighted in red) There's only a Rite Aid and CVS where I am right now, I'll check and see! One of my relitives lives in another state, maybe there's a shop near him that has one. If I get one, I'll tell you guys the details! (How much the cards cost, the diamond amount, if it comes with membership, ect.)

That's all for this very short post, bye guys!

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Spikes and Outback Imports

Hey Jammers, today's update is quite amazing, but we'll start with the new Diamond Shop clothing item... the Spiked Collar! Luckily all original spikes have the rare plaque, and the Diamond Shop spikes come in all new colors!

 I remember a few months back I emailed AJHQ about making gold and silver spikes a monthly member gift. Well, now here they are in the diamond shop! ^.^ Anyways, there's also the new shop in Kimbara Outback, Outback Imports!

 If you click the chair, you can buy 3 items... the Stone Carved Table, Stone Carved Chair, and Stone Carved Couch!

 Do you think this building will become the Medical Center? I hope so, I kinda miss that place! You never know what you had until it's gone... :P

That's all for this lil' update, bye Jammers! ;)

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

AJ Couples? Seriously!?

Hey Jammers, there's something seriously wrong going on. Dating and marriage on animal jam. If you go to a full server, it will be a BLESSING to not see someone saying this no matter where you go.
I mean, seriously? What if the pixel boy fox behind your screen is a fat teenager who is twice your age? What if it's a six year old girl pretending to be a guy to "see what "it" is like"? But some freaks don't care because the fox on the screen is rare and "hot" or whatever. I walk into my den and find a freak.

I looked at "his" animals and teared my hair out. THEY WERE ALL GIRLS. Litterally, if you are a freak and looking at this, CLICK HERE and you have a dating site. DON'T GO ON A KID'S VIRTUAL SITE JUMPING UP AND DOWN ON A RANDOM GUY/GIRL PRETENDING TO DO THEM! You see, the heart emotes are for if you love someTHING, not someONE. Like candy, for example.

Or if you thought a pet was adorable. The blush emote is for being embarrassed. But in my history of animal jam, I have NEVER seen someone use them for that purpose except ONCE with the blush emote. All the sickos do hearts at eachother. I mean, if you search animal jam mating club you can see animals of ALL KINDS hopping on eachother pretending to do eachother. BLEH.

You are Invited To.......

Hey Jammers, like the new rainbow background? It's about time I took that July 4th fireworks background down! :P Well, -Hands you an invitation-
You have been invited to my birthday party! As you see, August 15th is my exact birthday, but I'll be with my family that day, and august 14th I'll most likely be doing a very personal yearly tradition, and the 13th I'll be busy and my parents will probably fight because of that tradition.. ANYWAYS, I made the invitation at, it's a free photo editor you don't have to download or sign up for. It's very handy! ^.^ Oh yeah, and there's 5 games at the party, I'll explain them when you come ^3^ Please come to this party, on my old blog I held one and litterally no one came :( So pwetty pwease come! //(^.^)\\
Today's featured blog is my friend ScarIsFluffeh's! Click here to see it! ^.^

Long Time No Post, Beat The Boredness! ^.^

Hey Jammers, sorry I haven't posted in so long! /).(\ Well, only 8 days until my birthday, and I probably won't be posting for a few more days. Well, here's some things to do on AJ if you're bored.

  1. Roleplay with a storage account, and record it! I find roleplaying with my storages a fun way to beat boredome. With simply 2 accounts, anything is possible! :D
  2. Try to not lose any lives in Eat 'Em Up through the whole Hard Mode! Trust me, it's a big challenge! I've never even succeeded........
  3. Collect 1,000 tickets not through gems, but through games! Winning some Carnival games can be tricky! I find Wack-A-Phantom the easiest, and after you've succeded through that, try harder challenges with more tickets to collect!
  4. Try messing around in the Township. Yell random songs or sentences, and see how many people you can get to dance! ^.^
  5. Be awkward (I'm not crazy, you can read on ^.^).  Find someone and tell them to go to your den, then turn into a baby and chew their head. When they say "STOP IT NOW OR I REPORT YOU" Turn into a grandma/grandpa, poke them with your beard and repeatedly say, "Is this better? Is this better? Is this better?"
  6. Mix around the potions in Brady's Lab! It may seem boring, but trust me, you can find some cool potion colors you never knew you could make! From turquoise to rainbow, those potions are more "colorful" then you might have thought!
All the above really gives me something to work on! ^.^