Monday, July 8, 2013

Kelp and Beta Jammers

Hey Jammers! I'm having problems with blogger, so posts might be short/delayed. Anyways, todays awesome Monday rare is the Rare Kelp Skirt! Very nice colors, makes purple and yellow look nice together ^-^
I noticed a glitch with the regular Kelp Skirt, its name won't show when you hover over it. Strange!
There's also two posts on the Daily Explorer about gray player cards and rare kelp skirts. I have 2 gray buddies, cupcakesrock12345 and weird511.

Lastly, in beta, everything was nonmember. Some beta testers bought items that are now member, and never took them off. Those accounts look like this:
I know more, but some of them can easilly get hacked, so that's the only one I'm stating since its password is secure. That's all for today, bye Jammers!


  1. What's your AJ user?

    1. mine is jammer 2981718. By the way, does anybody have rainbow scales!!!! Please jam a gram me if u do I will trade you amzingly


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