Wednesday, August 7, 2013

You are Invited To.......

Hey Jammers, like the new rainbow background? It's about time I took that July 4th fireworks background down! :P Well, -Hands you an invitation-
You have been invited to my birthday party! As you see, August 15th is my exact birthday, but I'll be with my family that day, and august 14th I'll most likely be doing a very personal yearly tradition, and the 13th I'll be busy and my parents will probably fight because of that tradition.. ANYWAYS, I made the invitation at, it's a free photo editor you don't have to download or sign up for. It's very handy! ^.^ Oh yeah, and there's 5 games at the party, I'll explain them when you come ^3^ Please come to this party, on my old blog I held one and litterally no one came :( So pwetty pwease come! //(^.^)\\
Today's featured blog is my friend ScarIsFluffeh's! Click here to see it! ^.^

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