Saturday, June 15, 2013

True Kangaroo Theory

Hey Jammers! AJpaleggs wanted me to make this post, because she's at an Ice Cream Shop right now. Anyways, Kangaroo gift cards ARE sold in Australia and New Zealand. Why? Because not many people live there, and Animal Jam HQ needed some testers. Since almost 8 million out of 10 million people live in the U.S. that play Animal Jam, there would be about 1,000 testers.

Here's some of the kangaroo glitches I've seen, by the way.
  1. If kangaroos wear a bow and arrow and dance, the bow flies off of them in a circle.
  2. If kangaroos wear tail armor, it covers their paws when they sit instead of their tail.
  3. If kangaroos wear a headset and sleep, it flies off of them in a circle.
  4. If kangaroos dance, after they spin around they disappear for a second.
That's it, bye Jammers!


  1. I deleted your signature Strawberry, because since you didn't save it to your computer, it became an advertisement after an hour.

  2. Më pëlqen pancakes.

  3. You are so awesome! Here is a little more information about kangaroos to put on your blog: They are selling them at gamestop. They are in the US now. It wasn't like the Arctic Wolf, if GameStop has them, it would be on their site instantly. Search animal jam every day to see if they have them on the website. MY USER ON AJ IS RUSTY3215! SEE U LATER JAMMERS.

  4. Thanks Rusty! :)

    1. Glad to help AJpaleggs.

  5. XD It's not the tail armour, it's the cuffs.



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