Wednesday, August 7, 2013

AJ Couples? Seriously!?

Hey Jammers, there's something seriously wrong going on. Dating and marriage on animal jam. If you go to a full server, it will be a BLESSING to not see someone saying this no matter where you go.
I mean, seriously? What if the pixel boy fox behind your screen is a fat teenager who is twice your age? What if it's a six year old girl pretending to be a guy to "see what "it" is like"? But some freaks don't care because the fox on the screen is rare and "hot" or whatever. I walk into my den and find a freak.

I looked at "his" animals and teared my hair out. THEY WERE ALL GIRLS. Litterally, if you are a freak and looking at this, CLICK HERE and you have a dating site. DON'T GO ON A KID'S VIRTUAL SITE JUMPING UP AND DOWN ON A RANDOM GUY/GIRL PRETENDING TO DO THEM! You see, the heart emotes are for if you love someTHING, not someONE. Like candy, for example.

Or if you thought a pet was adorable. The blush emote is for being embarrassed. But in my history of animal jam, I have NEVER seen someone use them for that purpose except ONCE with the blush emote. All the sickos do hearts at eachother. I mean, if you search animal jam mating club you can see animals of ALL KINDS hopping on eachother pretending to do eachother. BLEH.

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  1. UMMM......


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