Friday, July 12, 2013

Seal Glitches & Calender

Hey Jammers! There's a Tunnel Town release date calender on the sidebar of the Daily Explorer. Pretty cool, Tunnel Town's coming worldwide in 7 days!
I also spotted two underwater clothing glitches on seals!For this one, notice how the Tutu has small transparent dots scattered around.

On the next one, notice the Shark Tooth Necklace has turned from a silvery gray to brown!
Lastly, overlapping clothes. The Seaweed Boa is scrunched up under the Rainbow Scales.

That's all for today, bye Jammers! =)


  1. I don't like waffles I like pancakes Më pëlqen pancakes. :DD

  2. what for your rainbow scales suit? /\/\/\/\ Audrag

  3. if your seal is on land and u put a skirt and a raccoon_tail/Stegosauros_Tail on then a glitch happens

  4. OMG! I want your rainbow scales SOOOOOOO bad! Can you jam a gram me im Jammer2981718. I just randomly want to make my seal a mermaid X3


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