Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Long Time No Post, Beat The Boredness! ^.^

Hey Jammers, sorry I haven't posted in so long! /).(\ Well, only 8 days until my birthday, and I probably won't be posting for a few more days. Well, here's some things to do on AJ if you're bored.

  1. Roleplay with a storage account, and record it! I find roleplaying with my storages a fun way to beat boredome. With simply 2 accounts, anything is possible! :D
  2. Try to not lose any lives in Eat 'Em Up through the whole Hard Mode! Trust me, it's a big challenge! I've never even succeeded........
  3. Collect 1,000 tickets not through gems, but through games! Winning some Carnival games can be tricky! I find Wack-A-Phantom the easiest, and after you've succeded through that, try harder challenges with more tickets to collect!
  4. Try messing around in the Township. Yell random songs or sentences, and see how many people you can get to dance! ^.^
  5. Be awkward (I'm not crazy, you can read on ^.^).  Find someone and tell them to go to your den, then turn into a baby and chew their head. When they say "STOP IT NOW OR I REPORT YOU" Turn into a grandma/grandpa, poke them with your beard and repeatedly say, "Is this better? Is this better? Is this better?"
  6. Mix around the potions in Brady's Lab! It may seem boring, but trust me, you can find some cool potion colors you never knew you could make! From turquoise to rainbow, those potions are more "colorful" then you might have thought!
All the above really gives me something to work on! ^.^

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