Friday, June 14, 2013

Kangaroo Actions and Sombreros

Hey Jammers! Looks like there's a new clothing item in the Summer Carnival, the Sombrero! It reminds me of Australia, that reminds me, there's a little Austrailian mammal strangeness going around Jamaa.
Onto the animal strangeness, check out Scarlotta and HAPPYSEAL5555's animals!

They apear to be kangaroos, notice they have the same name, Mister Wonkybuddy! That might be the kangaroo default name, like Snow Leopards have "Snow Leopard" and lions have "King of the Jungle".

There are a few theories on the kangaroo; that they have gift cards which are only available in Australia, that the gift cards are sold in US Walmarts and Targets, and that they are testers trying out a new animal. Here's the actions of them, thanks to HAPPYSEAL5555 for demonstrating!

When kangaroos dance, they do the moonwalk, then whirl around!
When they play, they curl into a ball, and spring out in a high backflip!

I compared a kangaroo jump to a bunny's, and they jump HIGHER then bunnies! :O
When they sleep, they fold their legs, like a sitting sleep!
Lastly, some awesome jammer art and an epic den of the week on the Daily Explorer.

Have a nice day! Be sure to comment with your opinions on the strange Kangaroo!


  1. I bought the sombrero in pink. I know that Happyseal bought the kangaroo card in Australia and Scarlotta is a tester.
    Më pëlqen pancakes!

    1. Actually, opposite. :P Happyseal is a tester and Scarlotta bought the card. Keep up the commenting!


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