Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Adventures and Bird Feeders

Hey Jammers! Looks like the adventures are here.

Here's a picture of the Adventure Base Camp. You can get to it by clicking your party tab.
Very Jamaa-ish. I think they give out prizes too, look at the trade I got ^.^
Here's where you get close to the phantom. If you bump into it, you lose your health and "fall in a deep sleep". Litterally.
Liza guides you through the Adventure Tutorial. I can't even finish it, very new and confusing to me.
Lastly, I went to the trader's den (huskypup45) to find the items. They change if you click them!

A Creepy and Dark Fountain..

A normal Fountain.
There's new Bird Feeders, in color. Last time I checked, when they were sold in beta they were only one color, pink. I have one I got in a trade for a Silver Brick (bad trade for them).
That's all for today, bye jammers!

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