Weekly Jammers

Week Of June 15, 2013


Blueriverlight has been a great friend! She has stuck up for me during times with bullies, and is a very nice person. She also has a sense of humor! ^.^!

Week Of June 25th - Mia776!
Mia has been a great and cheerful friend since I met her! Though we met oddly, we've became very good friends since! =)


  1. Omg I met you ajpaleggs I am maya14256 you may not remember me :p


Meow. Nyan Cat's here, and Nyan Cat wishes you follow these simple rules!
1. Don't spam! Nyan Cat deletes all the spam, so why bother? :P
2. If you hate or cuss, Nyan Cat deletes that too!
3. Give Nyan Cat your waffles so no one gets hurt. (^-3-^)
4. If you like pancakes, copy and paste this in your comment: Më pëlqen pancakes. That's I like pancakes in Albanian.