Sunday, July 28, 2013

Turquoise Jewelry

Hey, I just got back from vacation yesterday and realized the pageviews was over 2,000. Thank you all! I'm also thinking on making this blog a little more interesting with contests and parties, so I'm thinking the Birthday Party will be August 12th, then a little after that will be the 2,000 pageviews party. I might post a little more every-other-dayish, so you know. And I still don't have my mouse >:(. Anyways, I found some Turquoise jewelry in Epic Wonders, the Turquoise Bracelet and Turquoise Necklace! The necklace looks rather teeny-tiny, and I haven't modeled the bracelet yet.
I also was wondering if I should make a birthday den or not, with a cake and some of the August birthstones? It would be a nice addition to the party. Well, that's all for right now's super-short post. Bye!

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