Saturday, July 20, 2013

Flower Crowns

Hey Jammers! Today's new item is the amazing Flower Crown. Doesn't it look like a Mech Angel Helmet with roses growing on it? ^-^
Yesterday, I was playing Sky High and I got an amazing prize. I didn't even know Bows came in Sky High! If you think this is a stolen picture, check my Youtube videos.

I checked my Jam-A-Grams since I had two, and I found a  Friendship Bracelet from cloudclaws. You don't have to send me gifts, but I will always accept them and appreciate them. ;)

Lastly, there's a post on the Daily Explorer about hidden treasure in the adventures. Most of the treasure chests have gems, and the ones in Arctic Wolf/Fox Portals have member items.
That's all. I've been trying to make posts more interesting, I'm sorry if you think this blog is boring, I'm trying my best to improve it!

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