Sunday, July 7, 2013


Hey Jammers, bad news! It seems I have 3 impersonaters. First, there's AJpaleggs, but their username has an I instead of L.
Second, someone set up a Blogger profile by the name AJpaleggs. Mine will always be AJpaleggs Jamaa, so be aware of impersonating Bloggers and Youtubers! They have one blog with no posts.

Lastly, video imposter! They use a different video site called NohaZiK, but they copied the video I made of my friend's den, and they copied my old contest video. This impersonater has been emailing random people saying they won and can get the items by clicking a virus link!

These 3 people are NOT me, so do not click the virus link, do not fall for AJpaIeggs's scams, and do not follow the impersonating Blogger AJpaleggs!

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