Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Freedom Cat Hats and Daily Explorer

Hey Jammers! Today's item is sold at the Freedom Party and Jam Mart Furniture, the Freedom Cat Hat!
There's also some posts on the Daily Explorer about dens and such.

That's a lot of posts. Well, that's all the updates for today, bye Jammers!


  1. I love this item! The rare cat hat is so cute! Well mostly I just think that because I am obsessed with cats but you know. xD

    1. im obsessed with cats too =P

      btw great blog!

  2. Yep. When I looked at your blogs I could tell XD

  3. Sign in - check
    Settings - check
    Post and comments - check
    Word verification off - check
    O-O random

  4. Poopy. :D MIA RESPOND OR I GET MY ARMY TO YOUR DEN >:D. You're lucky I'm just kidding XD


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