Saturday, June 15, 2013

Kangaroo Truths and Seaweed Hair

Hey Jammers! Today's clothing item is in Bahari Bargains, the Seaweed Hair. I'm pretty sure this item was sold not too long ago, or was it not?

It's a fun way to easily dye your hair without the mess ^.^ The colors are teal, creamy yellow, solid black, white, bright red, dark purple, pink, and light blue. Lots of variety, here! Also, there's the final reasons of the kangaroos.
Scarlotta lives in Australia, and she is new, believe it or not. She thought the game "Animal Jam" looked fun, so she bought the card, created "Scarlotta" and put the kangaroo on the account. This is the reason why she says, "I don't know how I got the kangaroo!"

Happy's dad works for Animal Jam, and worked with the other workers to create the kangaroo gift card. He let Happy test it out, though Happy had no idea it was a gift card until she saw the Spirit Blog.
All the updates for today, bye jammers!
Looks like the second look for "Dress Up, Anyone?" is winning! Monday will be the final vote gathering day.


  1. Wow, good conclusions for the kangaroos. Where these guesses, or just conclusions? I also think the Seaweed Hair is a little.. strange on some animals. You make things sound awesome ;)

    Më pëlqen pancakes!

  2. Aren't guesses and conclusions the same thing? Well, this is niether. I'm HAPPYSEAL5555's buddy, and apparantly she's Scarlotta's sister. HAPPYSEAL5555 told me all about how she got a kangaroo and how her sister got a kangaroo. She won't tell it to the public.


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