Thursday, June 27, 2013

Freedom and... Kangaroo Worldwide Release Date in Jamaa Journal?

Hey Jammers! It's officially Freedom Day. Notice the animals in the Jamaa Journal are wearing Freedom Jester Hats and Freedom Dragon Hats. Do those exist, or did I not check the Freedom Party Shop?

The Summer Carnival Freedom Plushies have returned! It also seems that an item even more amazing then a Freedom Tiara is coming.. a Freedom GLOVE!

The rest is mainly about adventures, but what caught my eye was a date. Not a boyfriend, a date in the time. July 10th.
I'm thinking Hummingbirds are leaving to make way for Kangaroo's worldwide release to the U.S. and the Diamond Shop. On note, I forgot the Jammer's username who told me this, but Kangaroos can be found at U.S. Gamestops. Their username was Rusty, then a few numbers I forgot.
That's all, bye Jammers!
Later, I will post about a contest that will be held because of AJS getting over 1,000 views.

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