Sunday, June 23, 2013

Freedom Bunny Hats, Kangaroos, and Kingdoms + Edit

Hey Jammers! Today's new item in Jam Mart Clothing is the Freedom Bunny Hat, for the coming of the Fourth Of July! My favorite part of the 4th is the fireworks at the Freedom Party ^3^
There's a post on the Daily Explorer about kangaroos. Now I get the idea the new land will be an Australian outback land with swamps... this is just a guess, but maybe a crocodile will be one of its Journey Book animals..?

Lastly, I've made a kingdom on Animal Jam. I may sound cheesy, but if you want to join it, comment or Jam-A-Gram me. The number of princesses has reached its limits, but you can be a king, prince, spellcastor, dragon, tailor, or jeweler.
That's all for today, bye Jammers!

*Edit* YAY, the Freedom Party is coming.

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