Saturday, June 15, 2013

The Truth of Kangaroos (From Calling AJHQ)

Hey Jammers! Just a quick side note. The last post of kangaroos was NOT final. The truth is, kangaroos aren't sold yet. Anywhere. Not Australia, not New Zealand, nowhere. Happyseal and Scarlotta's parents didn't have time to test kangaroos, so they gave the job to them. They are just testers. Again, this Gift Card was a preview from National Geographic's website.

You know what? The same thing with LitleMighty and amy3141. Amy was a nonmember tester for the Snow Leopard. LitleMighty was a tester for the Arctic Wolf. I know this because I called AJHQ, what better reference could I get? Well, see you next post! (\^.^

Looks like the second look for "Dress Up, Anyone?" is winning! Monday will be the final vote gathering day.


  1. The kangaroos are sold in Australia and New Zealand stores at the moment, I thought. How would AJHQ get a picture of the card without selling it? 0.0


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